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A Guide to a Plastic Free, Eco Friendly Christmas 🌲

Christmas is all about giving and spreading love for most of us. But it can also be an expensive time of over consumption and wastage. Every year I try to cut it back a bit but in the light of some hard hitting documentaries recently on plastic use and the state of the environment, we're going to have a bigger push this year.  I've come up with 10 principles to cut down the wastage of christmas but not the fun:  1. Reduce the number of gifts bought - ways to do this include: secret Santa, setting price limits, one gift limit from Father Christmas, want - need - wear - read is also popular. 2. Experience gifts - theatre, memberships,...

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How to take better photos of your family

Guest blog by Susan Heaton No matter what camera you have, there are plenty of ways you can improve your images just by making a few simple adjustments... Check the light! There is nothing that can ruin a great shot more than terrible lighting! Look for natural light, where possible and have your subject face towards the light source {whether it is artificial light or natural window light.} Back lit images can look wonderful and whimsical... but most cameras set to auto will struggle with exposure so best avoided, unless you are confident changing the settings yourself. When shooting outdoors, head for the shade ~ the light is much more flattering there... no squinting eyes or harsh shadows. Check that...

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A high intensity 7 minute workout for busy mums

There comes a time in your life where you stop and realise that time is really flying. You get stuck in your routines and time just keep passing. But what happened to those moments where you could just sit, reflect, relax, literally not use your brain for list-ticking for just a moment? You’re probably going to say you can’t remember when was the last time. Self-care needs to be taken seriously. However, self-care clashes with all that’s to be expended of being mum. When you become a mother, ALL expectations for caring for your baby become heightened. You’re judged by the world on how you live your day to day. You’re expected to go back to work, run your business,...

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Top 5 Homemade Garden Toys

Top 5 Homemade Garden Toys   We’ve had one hell of a summer this year so I’ve made the most of it and been out and about with the little one as much as we can. She loves a park but we finally have a garden and now that the weather is starting to turn, I’d rather stay closer to home in case we need to dash out of the rain. However, as its the first time we’ve had outdoor space our garden barely has grass, never mind anything as existing as a playground so I had my work cut out creating a child friendly area without it being a clutter of plastic toys.   I’m going to share with...

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