How to Cope With Having a Baby in Lockdown

If you’re expecting a baby that is due in the next few weeks then it’s likely that you’ll go into labour during some kind of lockdown or during the early stages of it being lifted. Life is different enough with a new baby so it’s normal to feel anxious about how you’ll deal with all these changes and the lockdown situation. 


Don’t be scared of seeking medical help

It’s understandable to be reluctant to be around other people when the government is advising us to avoid it but yours and the baby’s health are always the priority. If you’re at all worried before, during or after labour then contact your midwife.



Ok it’s not the best time to take up running or cycling (ouch), just a walk is enough. Exercise and sunshine will cheer you up on a bad day and plus, we’re allowed, so no guilt. When your new baby’s world consists only of your four walls and the people within them, a stroll outside can give them something different to look at too.

Take advantage of the isolation

Being unable to have visitors could be turned into a positive. Often we feel under pressure to let everyone meet the new arrival but if you’re not allowed then you’ll have the perfect excuse to cosy up at home together in that fourth trimester and rest and recharge.


Your plans might have changed

If you were hoping to go back to work quite soon after your baby being born and that is no longer possible you could be finding yourself in a role of stay at home parent which you hadn’t been planning for. It’s ok to feel disappointed and to find it hard living with something that you didn’t choose! 

Stay connected

We’re finding great new ways of staying connected during lockdown. Keep up your zoom and FaceTime nights with friends. You don’t even need to get dressed. Bonus!

Make memories

You can still record your baby’s “firsts” and share them with family as well as saving keepsakes like new baby cards and presents. It’s hard that grandparents and other important people in your life can’t meet the baby straight away but it’s still possible to include them in the excitement by sending videos and photos.


Don’t compare yourself to everyone else

We all know that social media is not truly representative of people’s lives. Don’t obsess about your friends’ perfect lockdown experiences. It’s probably not real! I’m pretty sure I’ve never met anyone who under normal circumstances had a totally relaxed and blissful post natal experience so don’t expect that of yourself during a pandemic!

Keep an eye on your anxiety 

There are a lot of worries going around and anxiety can be contagious. Focus on self care or try some techniques to help you be aware of the effects of anxiety on your body and your thought processes. Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself. 

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