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What makes your toys special?

Why not just give my baby my keys?

Is stainless steel safe?

Are your toys recyclable?

Are your toys suitable to be chewed?

Are your toys OK for teething babies?

Is the YummiNecklace only suitable for breastfed babies?

Are the necklace cords interchangeable?

Where are Yummikeys and Yummirings made?

From what age are Yummikeys and Yummirings suitable?

Are Yummikeys suitable for older children with extra sensory needs?

My baby has a nickel allergy - can I use Yummikeys and Yummirings?

Care instructions

Engraving service

Can I add more engraving if I have another baby?

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What makes your toys special?

Yummikeys and Yummirings are the only metal baby toy keys on the UK market. They are designed to more closely resemble real keys in feel. Made out of stainless steel they give babies a different sensory experience. Unlike wood and plastic, from which many baby toys are made, stainless steel is shiny and cool and makes great noises too!

Why not just give my baby my keys?

Car and house keys have not been made with babies in mind. They can have sharp edges, carry a soft palette impaction risk, may be dirty and can contain lead and other toxic chemicals. Lead, even in small quantities has been proven to be harmful for babies.

Is stainless steel safe?

Yes – stainless steel is the very same material from which our cutlery is made. There are many benefits to using stainless steel:

  • Chemical free – toxin free, no lead, BPA or phthalates. Stainless steel does not leach any chemicals, nor is it porous so it won’t hold smells
  • Durable – stainless steel is very unlikely to break when dropped and is extremely durable. Therefore, our toys can be used for more than one child
  • Hygienic – stainless steel is naturally bacteria resistant, this is why it is heavily used in the catering and medical professions. Our toys are also dishwasher safe, making cleaner quicker and more effective.

Are your toys recyclable?

Yes the toys themselves are 100% recyclable. They are made of 100% stainless steel, much of which will have also been produced from recycled stainless steel. The silicone beads can also be recycled. Our toys are also reusable and will not rust or degrade. 

Is it safe for babies to chew on your toys?

Yes! Babies explore their world by putting objects in their mouth, and our toys have absolutely been designed with this in mind. They are safe, non-toxic and tested for CE and EN-71 in an independent laboratory. They also undergo additional "biting tests" to ensure that the silicone beads cannot become detached from the toys, even under prolonged usage. They're also approved by dentists. 

Are your toys OK for teething babies?

Yes! Our toys have been designed to be smooth and cool with interesting textures - perfect to cool down hot aching gums.

Is the YummiNecklace only suitable for breastfed babies?

No - most definitely not. The YummiNecklace is designed for babies who start to fidget when feeding and to be distracted by their surroundings. This absolutely doesn't only apply to breastfed babies. We've received many very happy reviews from customers who have purchased a YummiNecklace and who bottle feed and tube feed. 

Are the feeding necklace cords interchangeable?

Unfortunately the cords are not interchangeable to other colours for day to day use due to EU safety testing standards. We can sell a replacement if it is discoloured and we can supply a longer cord on request also.

Where are Yummikeys products made?

When we started Yummikeys, one of our fundamental beliefs was that all of our products should be made in Britain. After a huge amount of work we achieved this for our first order of Yummikeys. However, as most people will be aware, the steel industry in the UK has gone through a period of massive decline. The 4th generation factory which we've been using to cut Yummikeys has recently changed their cutting method and can no longer produce our keys. For Yummirings and Yummikeys we've had to make the difficult decision to have them produced in China by a luxury jewellery manufacturer as we are unable to find a manufacturer in the UK who can both cut and polish them under one roof and to the high quality we require. This change has no impact on the quality of our products and we ensure we only use manufacturers who adhere to high standards for both their products and their workers. 

To ensure we are only using an ethical manufacturer we commissioned a Sedex audit which is an audit to ensure that the business adheres to ethical trade standards.

We of course passed this audit on every front. Just a few of the areas they check are:

👉🏽Forced labour

👉🏽Health and safety

👉🏽Child labour and young workers

👉🏽Wages and benefits

👉🏽Working hours


👉🏽Regular employment

From what age are Yummikeys toys suitable?

All products are are suitable for babies from birth. Babies should always be supervised when playing with Yummikeys and Yummirings, as with any other toy. 

Are Yummikeys toys suitable for older children with extra sensory needs?

Yummikeys toys have been tested to comply with the relevant baby toy standards for use by babies and toddlers. As such we've not tested them or designed them for use for older children who will be stronger and as such this use would be at parents' discretion.

My baby has a nickel allergy - can I use Yummikeys toys?

Yummikeys, as with all food grade standard steel (316  grade) which does not contain any nickel.

Care instructions

Our toys should be treated in the just same way as your stainless steel cutlery. They can be washed in the dishwasher and we recommend that they are washed before their first use.  If you don't have a dishwasher, warm or even boiling water and soap will also work perfectly.

Please don't use bleach or salt our toys as this could lead to rusting. 

Our toys may develop some slight marking or rust spots on the stainless steel and light scratching.  Although stainless steel is impact and rust resistant, it is not 100% so.  Some marks will naturally occur through use and if keys are dropped on a hard surface. These spots are not harmful for babies. If you have a concern, please contact us at  

Our toy keys have been safety tested “as is” for babies who are able to sit up independently.  We want to ensure they remain safe by not adding anything additional to the key ring. If customers add additional items to the keyring we cannot guarantee that their baby will be safe.

Engraving service 

We offer laser engraving of the hedgehog up to 4 letters, we suggerst initials. The engraving will be made in the following format the customer inputs it. 

We also offer engraving on the teething necklaces of up to 45 characters. 

Engraving  will take up to an additional 2 weeks and bears an additional cost.  

We engrave scan photos onto the disc necklaces and recommend using a 20 week image for greatest clarity.  

I’m afraid we cannot re-engrave or later add engraving to items. 

We use a small, local, family-run engravers in the Scottish Highlands.

Can I add more engraving if I have another baby?

We cannot add more engraving to items at this point. 

Order and payment

We accept payment by most credit or debit cards for customers with UK billing/shipping addresses. Payment can be taken at the shopping cart of our website using sage secure payment processing or Paypal. We are unable to accept payment by cash or cheques.

Where Paypal credit is used a payment form items will be added to the weekly list for our engraver only once payment has been made and so the order will take 10 days to dispatch form the date that the Paypal credit clear, not from the order date. 

We are now VAT registered, all prices displayed therefore include VAT.


Where do you deliver to? 
We post to the UK and Europe  at present.  Please note we are based in the UK and duty pay be payable by customers on orders made for delivery outside this area. This is payable by customers. 

How long does delivery take?
Items are dispatched within 48 hours of payment (Monday to Friday), in the UK Royal Mail Second class which generally delivers within 48 hours. Tracking details are not available. If you need tracking details you can upgrade to Special Delivery. In the event of your parcel not being delivered within 14 days please contact us via our email form.

Engraved orders take 2 weeks to despatch from our engravers in the North of Scotland and will be in a separate parcel to other non engraved items in an order. 

Orders to Ireland and Europe may take up to four weeks to arrive. 

Do you include an invoice in the package? 
No we do not include a paper copy of your invoice to reduce our paper usage. This will be emailed to you. 


Can I return my Yummikeys toys?
Any faulty Yummikeys toys can be replaced or fully refunded. Unopened brand new Yummikeys toys (excluding engraved items) can be returned within 28 days of receipt for a refund, providing they are unused. Engraved items can only be returned if faulty. Proof of purchase will be required. Return postage costs will be borne by the customer.  Contact us at to arrange any returns.

Wholesale orders

We love to work together with wholesalers. Please email us on with any queries.

Company details

Where are you based?
We are based in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland, just outside Edinburgh.

Do you have a shop we can visit?
No. Yummikeys is an internet only shop however we offer a free pick up service for local customers. We also have various UK-wide stockists. Please see our stockists page. 

Are you a registered company?
Yes, we are registered as Yummikeys Limited. Our company number is SC545472.