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How to Cope With Having a Baby in Lockdown

If you’re expecting a baby that is due in the next few weeks then it’s likely that you’ll go into labour during some kind of lockdown or during the early stages of it being lifted. Life is different enough with a new baby so it’s normal to feel anxious about how you’ll deal with all these changes and the lockdown situation.    Don’t be scared of seeking medical help It’s understandable to be reluctant to be around other people when the government is advising us to avoid it but yours and the baby’s health are always the priority. If you’re at all worried before, during or after labour then contact your midwife.   Exercise Ok it’s not the best time...

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Secodary Infertility - A mum's first hand experience

Back in 2015 we had a delightful little toddler who still wasn’t sleeping through (!) but we decided that adding another to the mix wouldn’t be a bad idea. At 33 I was still feeling pretty good about my chances of having more babies - number one had been conceived within 4 months of coming off the pill after 25 years and his entire pregnancy and birth was pretty easy - this one should be the same surely. We waited until December 2015 to “properly” start trying as heaven forbid I had a summer baby and wasted my teachers holiday on maternity leave! I had it all planned out: - fall pregnant between December and March - give birth between...

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