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Tips for Growing Sunflowers with Toddlers

Growing sunflowers is a lovely thing to do at the moment with your little ones, be they school age or younger there’s something for everyone with a little bit of green finger fun. So get outside if you can and give yourself some time for mindfulness and vitamin D on your doorstop. Yummikeys are giving away a packet of sunflower seeds with every purchase in April and May to spread some summer cheer. We're also giving 5% of all sales to Women's Aid and For the Love of Scrubs. Sunflowers are really easy to grow and you should see some fast results with these tips. Mud glorious mud. Let your little people dig around in the soil before you start....

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Preparing your sibling for a new arrival

We have a new baby arriving this autumn so this is a topical subject in our house. Here are a few ideas to help an older child to be able to adjust to a new sibling  Consider the timing of when you tell them about the baby. For younger children 9 months is an incredibly long time to wait etc New baby books - age and stage appropriate  Play more with dolls, premmie nappies, discuss  Meet some babies etc  Plan nursery together  Emphasise big brother sister importance  Prepare box of little activities 

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