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New Parents' Best Google Searches

It was a bleak time before the internet, when we had to rely on asking friends or family or consulting encyclopedias to answer life’s questions. Now we have google and we can shamelessly resolve any query without embarrassment! Parenting poses a lot of challenging issues and our (often late night) google searches reveal a lot about the experience. Here are a few of our follower’s most relatable searches: The Very Real Struggles of Pregnancy   “Can your unborn baby's kicks break your ribs?"  Yes ribs can be broken, and just parents generally. "Are hot baths ok in pregnancy?"  "How not to poo when in labour."   “Is my baby clawing at my cervix?”   Relationships  “Why is my husband more annoying...

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All You Need to Know About Milk Baths

A milk bath is a bath which has milk added to the water, this could be cows or another milk or it could be breastmilk, or is often a  combination of these. Milk baths are not a modern invention, this soothing and nurturing practice had been around for centuries but the idea is making a comeback. Using milk in a bath can leave skin feeling extra soft and the milk creates a mild exfoliating action and the fats within the milk are great moisturisers. Many women have used their breastmilk in baths for their babies to provide these benefits and more due to the incredible qualities of breast milk! We love how beautiful babies look enjoying their milk baths. Apart from...

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How to Keep Your Sanity as a Parent During Lockdown

  This is a trying time and even with a strong dose of positivity it isn’t an ideal situation. So many changes, uncertainty, stress and lack of emotional support from our social networks are a strain mentally and the same goes for kids so they may be acting up. Here are a few tips for dealing with parenting in lockdown:   Lower your expectations, a lot This may be the biggest thing you can do to keep your sanity. Many of us inadvertently raised our expectations when we readied ourselves for the challenge of dealing with lockdown. When yourself and your children are dealing with any major life changes or stress you wouldn’t normally expect to be on the top...

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Emotional Resilience - Top Tips to Cope With Judgement

Some days I'm nervous for my children and the world they are entering into. Then I realise that, as mums, we are an easy target for the judgement of others (often from other mums) and that just seems UNFAIR.  Judgement of mums comes in many forms but seems to cover:  Breast V. Bottle Cry it out V. Co Sleeping Baby led weaning V. Pureeing theIr foods Leaving them in the jumper too long V. Holding them too much  Pushing them in the buggy V. Baby Wearing Regardless of how you choose to parent your child... someone, somewhere will have a problem with it.  You're either neglecting them or making a rod for your own back.  But you know better, you know...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year? But, It Feels Like Groundhog Day!  How to celebrate a New Year when every day can feel the same.  I remember my first Christmas as a mum ... it was magical. My daughter was perfect (well, perfectly imperfect as all little ones are) and I loved holding her close and soaking up all the cuddles with my newborn baby.  There's something so special about a family Christmas and it elevates you from couple to someone who can enjoy Santa Claus even when your baby has no clue what is going on.  People kept telling me to enjoy every moment because ' the days are long but the years fo fast' and although, with hindsight, I know this...

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