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New Parents' Best Google Searches

It was a bleak time before the internet, when we had to rely on asking friends or family or consulting encyclopedias to answer life’s questions. Now we have google and we can shamelessly resolve any query without embarrassment! Parenting poses a lot of challenging issues and our (often late night) google searches reveal a lot about the experience. Here are a few of our follower’s most relatable searches:

  • The Very Real Struggles of Pregnancy


“Can your unborn baby's kicks break your ribs?" 

Yes ribs can be broken, and just parents generally.

"Are hot baths ok in pregnancy?" 

"How not to poo when in labour."


“Is my baby clawing at my cervix?”


  • Relationships 

“Why is my husband more annoying when I’m pregnant?”

This is a biggie.....

"Will my boobs leak milk when I have sex?"


"Will I ever want to have sex again?"


"Does my wife love our baby more than she loves me?"

Awkward... but most likely yes. 


  • Newborns and Sleep Deprivation


“First smile or fart smile how to tell the difference.”

Just tell yourself it’s a smile if you're the recipient.


“Is there such a thing as a night nanny?”

Yes and they’re probably worth their weight in gold.


“Why does my baby snore like an old man?”


“Can you die from lack of sleep?”

Not before you completely lose your mind.

“Can bogies cause a baby to suffocate?”

How did breathing seem so simple until you watch your newborn doing it all night?


  • Toddlers (even more stressful than babies)

“Can a 1 year old be poisoned by licking a recently painted wall?”

Hopefully not. 

“Are cat biscuits harmful to toddlers?”

No, apparently.


“Will my toddler get ill by eating baby bogies?”

Dear God…


"Average age for walking/talking/counting" Followed by "Is my child a genius?"


"Will eating mud give my toddler worms?"


“How to successfully hide from your toddler.”

I’m still waiting to learn the answer to this one. 



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