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Emotional Resilience - Top Tips to Cope With Judgement

Some days I'm nervous for my children and the world they are entering into. Then I realise that, as mums, we are an easy target for the judgement of others (often from other mums) and that just seems UNFAIR.  Judgement of mums comes in many forms but seems to cover:  Breast V. Bottle Cry it out V. Co Sleeping Baby led weaning V. Pureeing theIr foods Leaving them in the jumper too long V. Holding them too much  Pushing them in the buggy V. Baby Wearing Regardless of how you choose to parent your child... someone, somewhere will have a problem with it.  You're either neglecting them or making a rod for your own back.  But you know better, you know...

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Coping with a second or third pregnancy (or more!)

Coping with a third pregnancy:  We're expecting our third baby this autumn. This is my third pregnancy and we have a daughter who'll be 4 this autumn and a son who'll be two. We feel blessed to be having another baby but it must be said that pregnancy third time round is not quite the walk in the park I'd been hoping for!    Energy levels  As a person with a lot of energy usually I don't find pregnancy too tiring, once he first few weeks are done. But this time I am exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I'm trying to turn off the guilt and let the kids indulge in a bit (sometimes a lot) more tv!    Peoples perceptions:  Most...

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