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Coping with a second or third pregnancy (or more!)

Coping with a third pregnancy: 

We're expecting our third baby this autumn. This is my third pregnancy and we have a daughter who'll be 4 this autumn and a son who'll be two. We feel blessed to be having another baby but it must be said that pregnancy third time round is not quite the walk in the park I'd been hoping for! 


Energy levels 

As a person with a lot of energy usually I don't find pregnancy too tiring, once he first few weeks are done. But this time I am exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I'm trying to turn off the guilt and let the kids indulge in a bit (sometimes a lot) more tv! 


Peoples perceptions: 

Most people seem to assume that we must already have two boys or two girls. Once they realise we don't generally bafflement follows that we'd want more babies with a "complete set" already. 



In hindsight I was pretty neat in my previous pregnancies, despite feeling pretty huge. Now this time I am approaching jugganaut levels and I still have 3 months to go. Stomach muscles hah! A definite thing of the past, along with my pelvic floor it seems.



I'm fiercely holding on to the idea that this baby will just slip into the family and be constantly entertained by the older two. And that our daughter at least will want to help out, fetch nappies etc. I have a feeling the reality may be somewhat different...! 

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