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Emotional Resilience - Top Tips to Cope With Judgement

Some days I'm nervous for my children and the world they are entering into. Then I realise that, as mums, we are an easy target for the judgement of others (often from other mums) and that just seems UNFAIR. 

Judgement of mums comes in many forms but seems to cover: 

Breast V. Bottle
Cry it out V. Co Sleeping
Baby led weaning V. Pureeing theIr foods
Leaving them in the jumper too long V. Holding them too much 
Pushing them in the buggy V. Baby Wearing

Regardless of how you choose to parent your child... someone, somewhere will have a problem with it. 

You're either neglecting them or making a rod for your own back. 

But you know better, you know the truth! YOU ARE AMAZING! 

If you've ever received judgement or criticism of your parenting skills ... keep scrolling for tips from our other Yummi-Mummies:

Jennifer's advice: Surround yourself with positivity! Pick a few of your favourite things people have said to you about your baby and parenting, write them on post its and dot them around your house. You focus on the positives a hundred times a day with your wee ones - do the same for yourself. There's only one way to rise above and that's to spread your wings and soar. 

Emma said: Good cry, fresh air (walk/jog/cycle) preferably on a windy day. I find going outside gives me perspective - sounds cheesy but we are a tiny cog in a big universe.  You got this!

Becky wants to remind us that we all feel judged and we are all HUMAN: Goodness, I regularly feel judged and that’s by people I meet and about me / my parenting / my work ethic ... It’s hard enough being a mum without additional pressure of other people’s opinions. It does hurt whatever the criticism may be about, we are human and are doing our darn hardest to be everything to too many people. 

Kulsuma had some incredible insight: No matter how good you are, someone is always going to be against you, take the negative and make it into a position, you rise above it my friend because no matter how good you are there will always be someone against you, the fact of life, say to yourself do you want to be a fighter and keep going or a victim and lie down. You got this, one negative dose no outdo all the positive 

Tamsim says:  the fact you even give a shit what anyone else thinks shows that you are a great mum. If you question how good you are.... you ARE good! Probably great. You care enough to self analyse. 

Barbara advises: Univerity prof. researching Positive Psychology found that we need 7 positive strokes to negate every 1 negative comment. So, humans are geared to take on board the negative. Remember it's a natural human reaction to be concerned but their nastiness says more about them than about you. 






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