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Happy New Year

Happy New Year? But, It Feels Like Groundhog Day! 

How to celebrate a New Year when every day can feel the same. 

I remember my first Christmas as a mum ... it was magical. My daughter was perfect (well, perfectly imperfect as all little ones are) and I loved holding her close and soaking up all the cuddles with my newborn baby. 

There's something so special about a family Christmas and it elevates you from couple to someone who can enjoy Santa Claus even when your baby has no clue what is going on. 

People kept telling me to enjoy every moment because ' the days are long but the years fo fast' and although, with hindsight, I know this to be true ... this time was both beautiful and isolating. 






All day, every day!  

Don't get me wrong ... I loved being a mum but there is something so isolating about the most beautiful thing on earth. 

I was up at all hours and couldn't tell you if it was Monday or Friday and 3am or 3pm. 

Every day felt ... well the same! So, how was I to celebrate 2014 like I used to? 

What were my plans for the year? 

Hmmm, let me think? That's it! Keeping this little one alive, hopefully sleeping more than 5 hours in a row and trying to shower without a call from the other room that I am needed. 

But with this feeling that the days were the same - also came a sense of wonder. I could spend hours just staring at Rebecca and loved having my cuddles with my baby. 

So, how can you strike the balance? To enjoy this groundhog day that is parenting and really embrace 2020? 

For me it was quite simple... I learned to live in the now more. I asked myself: what do I love about this moment and what do I want to change? 

I loved loved loved the cuddles, play and adventures so i ate them up with passion. 

I wanted to change the feeling of isolation so I got out there and made some other mum friends and headed to baby classes, lunches out, trips to play cafes and walks in the park. Sure, we spoke a lot about the babies but that's what bonded us together at the time. As the little ones got older - our friendships progressed. 

This was long before baby number 2 inspired me to start Yummikeys and baby number 3 made it a must so within the blink of an eye I was back in my corporate job and living a different type of groundhog day. 

Trust me when I say ... the days are long but the years go fast and enjoy your cuddles.


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