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How to Toilet Train in Lockdown

Many of us are spending a lot of time at home or in the garden at the moment so this could be a great opportunity to tackle potty training. In many ways the experience of potty training during lockdown could be much the same as at any other times but with a few extra considerations.


First things first, making sure you’re ready. 

We’re all for grabbing an opportunity when you see one but make sure your little one is actually showing signs that they’re ready to potty train. NHS guidance suggests waiting until they can go at least an hour without wetting their nappy and they know they need to pee or when they are doing it and can tell you so.


Plan ahead. 

Lots of people like to use stickers or sweets as a reward for successful potty visits. If this is your preferred method just make sure you plan ahead. We’re not hitting the shops as often now so it’s more important than ever to get supplies in advance. Also pants! Put in that clothing order before you start. Skirts (or kilts) make for fewer clothes changes too.


Make using the potty normal.

Basically you want your child to build an association with peeing in the potty and not wherever they happen to be. But the potty or toilet can seem daunting at first. Try reading books about using the potty or getting older siblings to provide a demonstration. Big kids seem to think this is hilarious and it’s certainly more desirable than doing it yourself!


Don’t pile on the pressure.

Try putting your toddler on the potty every hour or half hour but if nothing is happening let them go and do their thing. It looks like lockdown might go on for a while yet so there’s no rush to get this thing done and dusted right away.

Remember siblings. 

A slight downside of potty training during lockdown is that if you have older children then they will of course be at home with you and not at school. This needn’t be too much of problem. Just be prepared to provide extra juices or smarties for them too. Who doesn’t want a smartie for going for a wee, just saying.

Peepod mats 

I love these! An ingenious design sold by a mum-run business Joizi which soaks up 2 litres plus of fluids. We used these for the sofas and beds for night time training. 


Stick with it, or don’t…

Lockdown is a new situation for all of us. If life is getting too stressful and the potty training situation isn’t helping it’s ok to leave it for a while. Even if you’re sure your child is ready, if you’re not, there’s no shame in delaying until you can manage the added stress.

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