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Top Tips to help Mums of Velcro Babies

Do you have a zelcro baby? Or a toddler who can maintain a hold on you like a baby monkey? There are a few ways you can help your baby cope with separation anxiety but the good news it usually isn’t a sign of a real problem and is usually just a healthy (but sometimes difficult) part of child development Just when you think life with a baby isn’t too exhausting and suddenly your baby can’t bear to be away from your for a moment to play, eat or even sleep. You try to be sensitive but occasionally you need to put them down and it can be emotionally draining to hear them whinge or cry each time you leave...

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Emotional Resilience - Top Tips to Cope With Judgement

Some days I'm nervous for my children and the world they are entering into. Then I realise that, as mums, we are an easy target for the judgement of others (often from other mums) and that just seems UNFAIR.  Judgement of mums comes in many forms but seems to cover:  Breast V. Bottle Cry it out V. Co Sleeping Baby led weaning V. Pureeing theIr foods Leaving them in the jumper too long V. Holding them too much  Pushing them in the buggy V. Baby Wearing Regardless of how you choose to parent your child... someone, somewhere will have a problem with it.  You're either neglecting them or making a rod for your own back.  But you know better, you know...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year? But, It Feels Like Groundhog Day!  How to celebrate a New Year when every day can feel the same.  I remember my first Christmas as a mum ... it was magical. My daughter was perfect (well, perfectly imperfect as all little ones are) and I loved holding her close and soaking up all the cuddles with my newborn baby.  There's something so special about a family Christmas and it elevates you from couple to someone who can enjoy Santa Claus even when your baby has no clue what is going on.  People kept telling me to enjoy every moment because ' the days are long but the years fo fast' and although, with hindsight, I know this...

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Secodary Infertility - A mum's first hand experience

Back in 2015 we had a delightful little toddler who still wasn’t sleeping through (!) but we decided that adding another to the mix wouldn’t be a bad idea. At 33 I was still feeling pretty good about my chances of having more babies - number one had been conceived within 4 months of coming off the pill after 25 years and his entire pregnancy and birth was pretty easy - this one should be the same surely. We waited until December 2015 to “properly” start trying as heaven forbid I had a summer baby and wasted my teachers holiday on maternity leave! I had it all planned out: - fall pregnant between December and March - give birth between...

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How I Manage 3 Children And a Busy Business

Once upon a time there was a woman who decided to leave the corporate world, embrace her dream to work for herself and spend more time with her family. This dream is now my reality and I am blessed to be able to do the school run every morning and afternoon and I have also built a successful business. I also have to meet deadlines and ensure my valued customers (that's you) receive their products in a prompt manner and know they are dealing with a business they can trust! Has it been easy? ... Definitely not! Has it been worth it? ... Without a doubt! I get lots of questions from other mums asking me for advice on how...

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