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Top Tips on How to Get Through Labour - By New Mums

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to cope with being labour and if you’re approaching this time you could be feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious. Books or websites can provide an explanation of what is happening to your body physically but the guidance for how to actually survive the experience can seem quite matter of fact or, often I found, wildly optimistic. We collected some tips from women who have recently given birth and can still remember the experience and what helped them to cope. Think of sustenance It’s important to keep your energy levels going with some healthy snacks… or sweets. Marshmallows, my husband fed me marshmallows. And the toast and tea right after was the greatest...

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Home birth planning

There are two broad ways of having a baby; in hospital or at home. In some areas of the UK home birth rates are rapidly rising. For second children research indicates that a home birth is a safer option and for a first, very slightly less safe. A home birth can be a magical experience where mum and dad can both stay in an environment where they are relaxed and comfortable and feel in control. In such an environment women often labour better and the chances of complications fall. Hopefully you will have a lovely midwife who'll even run you a bath after your labour and then you can sleep in your own bed and get to know your baby...

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