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Teething remedies

This will be a familiar scenario for some of you. Your baby has got the hang of feeding and sometimes sleeps for longer stretches, when teething strikes and it all goes pear-shaped.  Here's a few tips that worked well for us:
  1. Keep sticks of cucumber in the fridge for your baby to chomp on. They're cool to chew on and as they consist mostly of water they're generally-considered ok before weaning.
  2. If your partially-weaned baby goes off solids, don't be afraid to up the milk feeds if they're hungry. They'll take more solids again once their gums stop hurting.
  3. There are several products available at chemists for teething. Anbesol teething gel worked well for us and we have friends who swear by bonjela and teething powders. Find what works for your baby.
  4. Don't attribute everything to teething but if you're sure that's what the problem is and nothing has worked, you could consider trying a dose of calpol. Most of us wouldn't put up with persistent pain if a painkiller could relive it safely.
  5. Babies love to chew and gnaw, particularly when teething. This is where teething toys come in. Choose ones which are cool, smooth and hygienic, such as Yummikeys, which will also provide a welcome distraction for your baby.

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