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A high intensity 7 minute workout for busy mums

There comes a time in your life where you stop and realise that time is really flying. You get stuck in your routines and time just keep passing. But what happened to those moments where you could just sit, reflect, relax, literally not use your brain for list-ticking for just a moment? You’re probably going to say you can’t remember when was the last time.

Self-care needs to be taken seriously. However, self-care clashes with all that’s to be expended of being mum. When you become a mother, ALL expectations for caring for your baby become heightened. You’re judged by the world on how you live your day to day. You’re expected to go back to work, run your business, be a friend, partner, daughter, sister, aunt and more. You’re compared to this mother and that baby. It’s all getting a little too much and not enough gratitude is given to us.

Well you can grab some of that back. Letting go of the pressure and putting you first is the first step. Making time for you doesn’t make you a bad mother. Making time for you, gives you an opportunity to rest, recuperate to become a stronger, more efficient mother. There shouldn’t be any guilt in making time for you.

Having “you time” or a moment of self-care can come in many forms. Fitness can be one of them. Fitness at first can seem too far of an accomplishment for some but it’s achievable in bite size sessions! I come from a single-parent situation, where I also work full time and don't own a car. I’m limited on childcare support (as in I literally have zero), so the idea of incorporating fitness into that type of lifestyle seems almost impossible. But it isn’t! If there is a will, there is a way.

Everyone has their own way to incorporate fitness into their life so this isn’t the only example! However if you’re looking to try something at home with little equipment and no fitness jargon, this could be for you.

I manage a HIIT (high intensity interval training) program at home, using my body weight, some home weights and house props. The session is broken into three times a week and for no more than 30 minutes each. What is great is I can take these workout programs with me anywhere. To the park, on holiday, in the house. They work a round my busy schedule (for example I’m up at 6am to get this in before the little one wakes up). They can be divided on the same day to accommodate your needs on the day. Why do I love it? I get results.

Below I have an example of one circuit. This equates to 14 minutes working out. You can visit my website or Instagram to see the full workout videos I do three times a week.

The Plank 

Duration : 1 minute hold

Equipment : None.

Plank: Hold in this position for minimum one minute. Engage your core. Shoulders down and pushed away from neck. Head forward, not up not down. This works your abdominal muscles. Once you’re confident you can up the time.


 The Bicep Curl

Duration : x15 reps

Equipment: I use 5kg dumbbells. Beginners can use 2 litre water bottles.

The bicep curl: This works your bicep and your tricep areas. Ensure your core is engaged. Feet hip width apart, relaxed knees and straight back. Look forward. Raising your arms up to your shoulders for two seconds and down for four. Try not to assist raising the arms with a shoulder or core movement. Let the arms move alone. 

 The Lunge

Duration: x12 on each leg

Equipment: I use 5kg dumbbell. Beginners can use 2litre water bottles.

The lunge: This works your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. Back straight and core engaged. Nice deep breathe in and lunge forward, ensuring the knee doesn’t go over the position of the foot. Ensure knee never touches the ground and that it is in line with the hip. To advance the exercise, add a double dip in between reps.


The straight arm pull down

Duration: x20 reps

Equipment: Resistance band

The straight arm pull down: This works your core and lats. Core engaged with hands holding the resistance band firmly. Arms straight, bent elbows, at shoulder length, bringing arms straight down to the waist. Breathe in for two seconds coming down and breathe out for four seconds coming back up.


These four exercises should be achieved within 7 minutes with no break in between sets. It can be restored again to accomplish a 14 minute workout. If you are just beginning there are some alternatives. Please message me to find out more!

Thanks for reading!

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