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New baby gifts

We were spoilt when my daughter arrived as was she. Sadly over time we've forgotten a lot of the gifts but the ones that really stuck with us four years later are these: 

  • Chocolate Lindt flowers - mum's definitely need gifts too and will be so grateful for being remembered. 
  • Hand knitted shawl from granny. Absolutely beautiful and still popular even now. 
  • We adore the personalised gifts we got. Beautiful building blocks with a subscription are amongst our favourites. 
  • A massive box of different types of chocolate brownies. So delicious and helped cheer me through evening cluster feeding and breastfeeding hunger.
  • A hand made owl mobile/wall hanging from a London boutique. So cute 

 Yummikeys are a beautiful new baby gift too and can be engraved with a name and date of birth making them a really special keepsake. 

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