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It's nearly time for autumn and we can't wait

It's been a long, albeit not particularly warm summer up here in Scotland and definitely starting to feel ready for autumn. Here's a few of our favourite things about autumn: 

1. Crunchy, colourful, beautiful leaves hanging onto the trees and carpeting the ground. Great for jumping in, kicking, throwing, collecting, sorting and especially painting with.

2. Conkers! Even as an adult it's pretty magical to find and open a big shiny conker. With children, it's fun all over again. There is a myriad of crafts you can do with conkers too if you’re feeling creative.

3. The smell of wood smoke from stoves and fires and garden clearances. And coming home and lighting our own fire of course.

4. Geese! Where we live 25,000 geese migrate to the bay each autumn and their arrival is truly magical. The noise is phenomenal and we never tire of watching them. When we go to bed we can hear their gentle murmuring in the bay each night.

5. New winter coats, scarfs and gloves, mainly knitted by my lovely Mum. Knitted bonnets are the very best.

6. Blackberries - so tasty and free. They freeze surprisingly well and of course are at their best in a blackberry jelly or Apple and blackberry crumble, if they escape the two small people devouring them as we pick.

Plus, we’re launching a new product this autumn! Watch this space for updates. We’ve added a splash of colour and another texture to contrast with the shiny stainless steel. Sign up to our newsletter to hear the news first.

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