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Introducing a Teething Toy to Your Baby: A Quick and Easy Guide

Introducing a Teething Toy to Your Baby: A Quick and Easy Guide Hello, teething superheroes! If you're holding a brand-new teething toy and pondering the grand introduction to your little explorer, worry not. Let's walk through a simple yet effective guide to make this teething toy debut a breeze. 1. Clean It Up: First things first, give that teething toy a good wash with baby-safe soap. A clean start sets the stage for a happy teething journey. 2. Show and Share: Time for a mini show-and-tell session! Hold the teething toy in front of your baby, highlighting its vibrant colors and interesting textures. This sneak peek will surely pique their curiosity. 3. Check the Temperature: If your teething toy is the coolable type,...

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It's a big week for us all... and I wanted to make sure you are okay?

Sunday was World Mental Health Awareness Day it got me thinking about one of the ways I 'get in the way' of my own positive mental health. I'm guilty of saying "I'm fine" when someone asks "How are you?".......even when I'm not. In a week where social media is embracing the topic and lots of posts talking about mental health and people sharing their journey. I think it's safe to say that this past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone....particularly parents. Carrying the burden of everyone having been at home, juggling work & schooling. Tears & Tantrums. It has taken its toll in many way..... and especially when we don't really know what is going on for people behind closed doors. I'm desperately trying to get...

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