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Teething Reality: A Survival Guide to Clingy Teething for Babies

Hey tired parents in the trenches! If your teething baby has morphed into a clingy sidekick, let's tackle this real-world cuddle fest together. The Chronicles of Clinginess: Teething is no joke, and neither is the sudden need for constant cuddles. Your once-independent explorer? Now a velcro baby with a mission to stick to you like glue. Cuddle Hacks for the Real World: Quality Snuggle Time: Let's be honest; it's not always a serene cuddle session. Grab those moments during playtime or whenever you can wrestle in a diaper change. Comfort Objects (a.k.a Lifesavers): Soft blankets? Stuffed animals? More like sanity-saving tools when you need a moment to gulp down your coffee or just breathe. Babywearing: Real Talk Edition: Babywearing might be a game-changer, but...

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Teething Must-Haves: Navigating Yummikeys Toys and More

Hello teething troopers! Wondering what's essential for your little chewer? Dive into this quick guide featuring Yummikeys teething toys and more to make teething a breeze. **1. Yummikeys Teething Toys: Start with a teething favorite – Yummikeys! These stainless steel keys are not only safe but also engaging for your little one's chewing adventures. **2. Chewable Jewelry for Moms: Stay on-trend with teething necklaces that double as a stylish distraction while your baby explores Yummikeys. **3. Freezable Teethers: Cool things down with freezable teethers or pop Yummikeys in the fridge for an extra soothing touch. **4. Teething Biscuits or Crackers: Introduce teething biscuits or crackers for a tasty and textured teething treat during mealtime. **5. Drool-Resistant Bibs: Arm yourself with absorbent bibs to handle the inevitable teething drool – especially...

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Introducing a Teething Toy to Your Baby: A Quick and Easy Guide

Introducing a Teething Toy to Your Baby: A Quick and Easy Guide Hello, teething superheroes! If you're holding a brand-new teething toy and pondering the grand introduction to your little explorer, worry not. Let's walk through a simple yet effective guide to make this teething toy debut a breeze. 1. Clean It Up: First things first, give that teething toy a good wash with baby-safe soap. A clean start sets the stage for a happy teething journey. 2. Show and Share: Time for a mini show-and-tell session! Hold the teething toy in front of your baby, highlighting its vibrant colors and interesting textures. This sneak peek will surely pique their curiosity. 3. Check the Temperature: If your teething toy is the coolable type,...

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Lock down babies are doing what now?!

It's been over 500 days since the first UK Lockdown was announced.  This means that the first babies born during Lockdown are now over 16 months old.  Can we just take a second to acknowledge this? When my babies were all 16 months old; we had done so much, been outdoors lots and built up an essential social life. The idea that so many mums and babies missed out on this breaks my heart. With the world back to normal, and many of us back to work and back from maternity leave; finding the right childcare is a big decision right now (especially as the schools go back soon).    How to find the right childcare for you (and your baby).  Childcare can...

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