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Why we all love a royal baby!

  • They’re just like us - there’s no escaping the pregnancy side effects - exhaustion, varicose veins etc - the odds are that the Duchess is experiencing some of these too. Albeit she’s better looked after than most of us!
  • The pregnancy wardrobe - most of my pregnancy wardrobe came from my sister who had a baby the year before. But I can still enjoy imagining life as a glamorous mum to be.
  • Speculation on the date - baby number 3 is apparently due in early April but really that means he/she could be born anytime from now until the end of April.  Apparently Prince George and Princess Charlotte were both late so we may all be waiting a while. 
    • Labour is labour - whoever you are - and apparently Catherine has had no pain relief in her labours so far. Impressive by anyone’s standards.
    • The name - the royals have a much more limited choice of names than the rest of us. Apparently some of the front runners are Mary and Albert but you can guarantee whatever it is will be super popular for babies born later this year.
    • Those new baby photos outside the hospital - I know there’s a lot to debate about whether we should have a monarchy etc. But, in the photos outside the hospital it looks like a normal family enjoying the magic of meeting their new baby. And we love to see that happiness.

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