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Why do you use stainless steel for your toys?

There are a massive number of plastic and wooden toys on the market. Most babies and toddlers are very used to the look and feel of these materials. Yummikeys toys are different. 

Yummikeys and Yummirings are made 100% from stainless steel. Stainless steel is so different to plastic and wood and this is partly why our teeny customers love it so. It's cold, shiny, dense and very jingly. An altogether different sensory experience. 

Stainless steel also has some other great properties. It's non-toxic and chemically inert. In other words, there are no chemicals or harmful substances in it. No lead, phalates, no BPA, nothing bad for your baby. 

It's the very same material as your cutlery and as is used in hospitals and operating theatres across the world. 

Unlike plastic, stainless steel with not degrade and will not release (leach) chemicals. Stainless steel is also naturally resistant to bacteria and dishwasher proof. Making it so much cleaner than wood. 

Our toys are 100% made from stainless steel, most of which as already been formed from reused stainless steel. Yummy toys can also be fully recycled. 


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