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Quality over quantity

When we were on holiday recently I finally felt like I had a bit of a chance to relax finally. With a 3 and a half year old and 19 monther and a third due in October this is rare. By the end of the holiday I felt a little like my old pre-child self which was fabulous and a feeling I thought I'd probably lost forever. 

One of the main things I found restful about being on holiday was how little stuff the kids had, and therefore how little tidying I ended up doing. The weird thing was that if anything, the children played better on holiday that at home. And they played together a lot more. Having fewer toys didn't seem to have any impact on their play, if anything they were actually more creative. 

 So, this month I'm going to be having a clear out and keeping the toys with great play value only. The ones which get tipped on the floor and abandoned are most likely on their way to our local charity shop....... here's to more outside play and less garish plastic in my house. The kids may be less impressed with this plan....! 

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