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One of our favourite weaning recipes - banana pancakes

This recipe was given to us by a friend when we weaned my daughter. It's become such a staple in our house that it's the essential breakfast for us every Sunday morning. Toddlers really enjoy getting involved and help stir and break the eggs from a young age. If you have any pancakes left over they do also freeze. 


2 x ripe bananas mashed

1 medium free range egg  

1 cup of self raising flour 

¾ cup of full fat or semi skimmed milk 

Unsalted butter to cook 


  1. Add all ingredients to he bowl and whisk thoroughly (great for kids to get involved too)
  2. Heat a little butter in a non-stick pan and add 3 separate spoon fulls of batter.
  3. Once the pancakes start to bubble, turn them over.
  4. Cool and serve with berries, honey, syrup, butter or anything else you have handy!


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