How refreshing to find a teething toy that looks lovely, as well as being so useful! The animals, with their fun shapes and interesting cutouts, really hold my daughter’s attention. And she loves the way they “jingle” against each other – something you wouldn’t get with plastic toys. And unlike other teething toys, these won’t have to go in the bin when your child grows up - they will make a perfect key ring, for when you finally trust them with their own house keys.

I was looking for something a bit different for a third child’s being born present. I love the way Yummikeys can be played with and later kept for posterity. The engraving makes them extra special and Jack, who is now teething, loves chomping on them. He also loves the noise when he shakes them.

My 7month old boy absolutely loves his Yummikeys. The cold metal seems to soothe his gums as he is teething. He also gets super happy when he shakes them and they make a lovely jingly sound. I love their modern design and cute pouch. It's also a great toy for taking out as it fits in the smallest bag!

When my daughter was christened she was given four different silver picture frames, which she was too young enjoy, and now she’s older she thinks they’re babyish. I wanted to give my god daughter a present that looks special and can be enjoyed by her now and then tucked in a keepsake box when she’s grown out of them. These are perfect.

As a teacher I tend to see the play possibilities in toys, and I prefer toys that children explore and discover for themselves. Adults often limit play possibilities by telling children how to play. I love that Yummikeys are much shinier, heavier and colder than plastic or wood. The animals are interesting for little fingers and mouths to explore and so easy to keep clean.

Yummikeys are so much fun and have been great for my teething daughter. When her gums are sore, I pop them in the freezer for a minute and she happily gnaws away. She loves the jangly sound too - a great musical instrument and distraction on the go! As a parent, the safety aspect was a huge factor for me after I found out how much grime and dirt household keys harbour (and we all know how much babies like keys). Unlike normal ones, Yummikeys are baby safe and hygienic so my daughter can chomp away on them to her heart’s content and I can just pop them in the dishwasher at the end of the day. The animal designs are also really cute – my one year old loves making the ‘snap’ noise when she sees Coco the crocodile. I especially like that Yummikeys are made in the UK, supporting local industries and trade. I am sure my daughter will enjoy her keys for years to come. Such a great and very special idea.