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Safety Information

As a mum of three there is nothing more important to me than the safety of my toys for your baby. I have invested thousands of pounds on testing my toys to the highest UK, EU and Australian standards.

EN 71 testing 

All products are safety tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory to relevant parts of EN71: 1, 2 & 3. This includes testing on their chemical composition and appropriate age guidance and labelling. All products also have a risk assessment performed by an independent, expert safety consultant. 

The products also undergo a biting test at my choice to ensure that the silicone teething beads are rigid and cannot come off. This is a extra test I do for everyone's peace of mind. 

Whilst not required by law the cords of all necklaces are also tested for their chemical composition as a baby could chew on them and its important that they don't contain any harmful chemicals. 

Quality control 

All products are subject to strict quality control by our manufacturers, who ensure extra time in the process for very thorough checking. Samples are then also selected and checked at random by my safety consultant in the UK. 

Other common safety queries: 

  • Can metal be safe? 

Yes! The stainless steel used in these toys is cutlery grade stainless steel and is the same as used in say a teaspoon. It's non-toxic and does not leach any chemicals. All toys are carefully rounded and hand polished to ensure that they're perfectly smooth and safe for your baby. 

  • Are these ok for babies with teeth? 

Yes! They're carefully rounded and smoothed to have no sharp edges and dentists have approved the designs. 

Can the beads come off? 

  •  No - they're silicone teething beads and they undergo a biting test too. The rings have a very strong weld to hold them together and can't separate.