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Sleep Advice From a Mum of Three

Sleep! Glorious Sleep… that life essential that I said good bye too a little over 6 years ago. I was warned before I became a mum that the lack of sleep would drive me crazy … but little did I know that it would take over my life! Everyone seemed to ask about it… 

  • Is she a good sleeper? 
  • Is she sleeping through the night yet (no Eileen, she’s 6 weeks old)
  • Do you get much sleep? 

All of a sudden I discovered that sleep was now considered a major milestone in the life of my child and somehow an indication of how good a mother I was. 

So, as a mum of 3 children (all of which had very different sleep patterns) …my advice to you is to LISTEN TO NO ONE!

Especially not me! 

The world has become obsessed with sleep and ensuring babies get their 12 hours from as early as possible.

There were times I would have sold our house for a tenner if my youngest would just sleep through the night and I realised very quickly that … every child is different.

So many things will impact your sleep patterns post baby such as your BABY (first and foremost the most important factor), your lifestyle (perhaps you have other children which impacts your baby’s naps), your priorities and your parenting style (you might be strict with naps or maybe you are a co sleeper). 

Be you. Do what works for you and remember that the advice you should listen to … is the advice that works for you and your baby


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