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Having a relaxing holiday with young children

  1. Pack as lightly as you can! With some help from my mother we jettisoned a lot of our stuff. We washed clothes and I think we still had more with us than we really needed; especially since we needed space for the collections of toys we'd been persuaded to by for the kids in Spain.
  2. Hypoallergenic suncream! Our two got heat rash recently in Scotland in a warm spell. I'd been worried this would be the case in Spain but had invested in hypoallergencic sensitive soltan factor 50 and their skin has been fantastic (and not at all burnt either).
  3. Jelly shoes! I optimistically packed a pair of canvas shoes for each child and smart wedding shoes. Said canvas shoes are now destroyed, especially the white pair. Really white?! What was I thinking?! Invest in supermarket jelly shoes.
  4. Embrace siesta time and local time! We quickly got the kids onto Spanish time and it was lovely to eat out together, especially in a country where young children being up late is the norm. Plus it meant we got lie ins for once as the kids were up at 9ish instead of their usual 6.30.
  5. Pack a kids cd if you're doing a lot of driving. It's been a lifesaver for us on some of our longer drives this holiday. Not sure the adults in the family can face hearing it again anytime soon though!
  6. Bring Yummikeys! They take up very little space and are a great distraction, especially when travelling.
  7. Relax! Or at least try to give each other some well deserved time off.

Happy holidays x x 

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