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Blue for a boy, pink for a girl....?

It's a relatively recent phenomenon which has brought us the gender separated toy shop. If you take a wander round your nearest toy retailer you will likely find separate isles for boys and girls toys. The girls section will almost certainly be a sea of bright barbie pink, purple and glitter, whilst the boys will be a sludge of grey, khaki and blue. gender-neutral-blog-aisles1

The toys for girls and boys are also very different. With a bias towards construction toys and action for boys and towards mothering and small world play for girls. The bias starts from babyhood where girls have few options that aren't pink and fluffy and boys are already dominated with blue and dinosaurs. Even animals seem to have been assigned a preferred gender. Rabbits for girls, dogs for boys, horses and owls for girls and of course vehicles for boys! Of course in reality we all know so many children when don't fit into this gender stereotype and so many babies and children with very diverse interests. Girls adore construction toys and boys are very caring and love babies. Why would they not when they have dads providing such good references or models of hands on parenting. a-boy-with-his-sisters-do-008

At Yummikeys we believe in unisex toys and not pidgeon-holing babies or children. Yummikeys are absolutely ideal toys for any gender and can therefore be purchased in advance of that special arrival as they will be an ideal gift regardless of the colour of the baby gro. 

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