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10 green lifestyle changes we should all be making for our family

A quick win of plastic free and green changes for busy families:

  1. Switch to a renewable energy power supplier - it’s really straight forward to switch now and you’ll probably get cash back and a better deal too
  2. Once your washing powder is finished buy an Eco Egg - far less chemicals and less irritating for sensitive young skin and you’ll get up to 720 washes for £20
  3. Sign up for a weekly veg box from a local greengrocers or farm - there are some lovely options around, you’ll get sessional veg, support a local business and cut down on a lot of single-use plastic
  4. Buy stainless steel water bottles - they’re virtually unbreakable so ideal for children, toxin free, come in some beautiful designs and they’ll last a lifetime
  5. Say no to single-use plastic water bottles - bring your own or ask for a glass of tap water
  6. Invest in a reusable coffee mug if you’re a coffee fiend.
  7. Go meat-free one day a week for all the family
  8. Switch to soap instead of hand wash, saving plastic bottles
  9. Ensure you always bring a bag for life and don’t need to buy plastic shopping bags
  10. Switch to environmentally-friendly dishwasher tablets or powder without plastic coatings

We'd love to hear any changes you feel should be included above. Comment below. 


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