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The Scariest Thing About Being a Mum

By far the scariest thing about being a parent is ...

that just as get used to the whole parenting thing and your child enters a new stage of development and everything changes. 

It's so scary to try and keep up with your little one as they constantly grow, develop and become a new person before your eyes (ironically, it's also the most beautiful part of being a parent).

You get used to being pregnant - and the baby comes

You get used to the newborn stage - and they go through their first leap. 

You finally master a routine - and the 4 month sleep regression (or the clocks go back an hour) come along. 

You master feeding - and it's time to introduce food. 

The list goes on ... right up until they move out of the house (or longer, just ask your mother!). 

These constant changes inspired my products...

It's because of these 'scary' moments in parenting that I started Yummikeys and developed our product range. 

Our Feeding Necklace was inspired by the frustration of breastfeeding my little ones. I noticed that they became distracted so easily and were looking all the time and not feeding enough. This meant lots of feeds that were short-lived and frequent! Feedback from mums is that this helps with bottle feeds also as babies get distracted and want to look around - regardless of how they are fed! Bonus points that it stops babies scraping your neck and chest while feeding.

Our Yummikeys solved two 'scary' problems! 1. was that our middle sone lost our keys on holiday because he was constantly grabbing them to relieve his teething pain and 2. was that we wanted a safe alternative to provide the same level of relief for our son's pain. Enter - Yummikeys and we've never looked back. 

Yummirings were born from a desire to help babies when they started to become fidgety, curious and want to put everything in their mouth. It meant that I could do the school run knowing my youngest would be entertained and I was happy that what was in his hands was safe and educational. Yummirings are multi-sensory toys that are suitable for babies from birth. 

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