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Middle of the Madness

It's halfway through the mid term holidays here in Scotland and I thought you might welcome some light entertainment.

Ever since I became a mum I have been bombarded with mum advice online. From telling me how I should enjoy the time with my newborn and cherish every moment (cheers for that - the sleepless nights and cluster feeding kept me very much in the moment) to telling me how much my babies should eat, sleep and develop. 

One thing that kept me going through the madness and was... parenting memes! 

You know what I mean ... you're sleep-deprived, hangry and wondering if you'll ever feel sexy again and a meme online seems to capture exactly how you feel perfectly. 

Being half term and the prospect of entertaining babies and children indoors while it rains outside - I thought you might benefit from some humour. 

Here are some of my favourites. 

Elspeth xx


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